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VHF Channel 66A 50 24. 82N 125 30. 00W

July 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


                 Starting off with a BANG!  July 1st saw so many of you join in the festivities in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.  The afternoon fun started with a Canadian wine tasting featuring a number of local wineries.  The night ended with a pyrotechnic display as fireworks lit up the sky.

                The fun at Blind Channel didn’t end with Canada Day.  As the weather steadily improved the docks, the restaurant, and the cabins began quickly fill, so much so that many nights found us at full capacity.  In the midst of it all, we saw a long anticipated crew change as Chef Bruce Matthews left to be with his family and we welcomed Chef Drew Noble.  And so, here you find us, smack in the middle of another busy season.

July hosted two live music and buffets nights, the first one featured the Blue Katz Blues Band a lively and upbeat group that had many a toe tapping. The second July music night featured the Hal Douglas Blues Band that was so popular it remains our busiest day of the season so far.

The activity continues far beyond Blind Channel as our busy boats become busier.  The Blind Channel water taxi service saw an increase in guests headed to and from Campbell River.  While on the adventure side of things tours have been gaining rapid popularity this summer experiencing everything from wild tidal current displays to playful dolphins, hunting eagles and hungry bears.

                 After a busy and exciting July, we hope you’ll join us for more this August.

                Thanks again to everyone who joined in the fun!


2018 Events


Father’s Day barbeque

July 1

Celebrate Canada's birthday with us.  Events include birthday cake, Canadian Wine tasting and fireworks display!

July and August

Live music and buffet dinner.  Put on your dancing shoes, and get ready for a good time!

September 2nd

Blind Wine tasting


We had a wonderful week in this incredible place. We saw orcas, dalls porpoise, dolphins, and a bear. Awesome! We so enjoyed the helpful and friendly staff, too. We look forward to coming back.

Joyce and John, Comox, BC

Blind Channel Water Taxi

Serving Campbell River, Browns Bay, Rock Bay, Kelsey Bay and beyond

Blind Channel Resort provides easy access to and from the area with five, ten, and twelve passenger boats including a ten passenger landing craft. Charters can be arranged to and from Campbell River, Browns Bay, Rock Bay, Kelsey Bay and beyond. Rock Bay is the closest road connection to Blind Channel, with supervised parking.

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