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VHF Channel 66A 50 24. 82N 125 30. 00W

June 2017

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Happy sunshine everyone!  Welcome back.  June 2017 here at Blind Channel has been one for the history books.  After a good deal of hard work, the tidal power generator is now in place. The turbine is securely anchored just north of the marina.  Both placing the anchor and attaching the turbine to it were adventures in themselves.  Slack currents in the discovery islands, as many boaters are well aware does not last long, and attempting to set a heavy anchor, or attach anything to it once the current starts running is no laughing matter.  When the turbine was properly secured the engineers went to work.  Then came the moment of truth, the tidal power was patched into the Blind Channel grid annnnnd it produced power!  The project is far from finished though and we will work to keep everyone updated on its progress.

     Another, completely unrelated event of a lifetime this June involved two grizzly bears.  A fight to the death between a young male and a nursing sow is not a common occurrence and to be there to witness it is almost unheard of.  Yet there we were, one of our boats up Phillips Arm late one evening drifting just off shore as the entire gruesome scene unfolded.  It was an opportunity to witness nature raw and uncut that leaves one reeling with respect for the wild.

    Back on West Thurlow Island, the increasingly popular Big Cedar Trail has been undergoing a facelift.  Many of the old bridges were removed and replaced with all new timbers making for a safer hike.  Along the side of the trail, the trees in danger of falling were removed thanks to the ongoing efforts of International Forest Products.

   Now that summer has, at last, arrived here in force so have the remainder of the summer staff.  You’ll find Jitka womaning the store ready to check you into your cabin, the dock, make a dinner reservation or answer any other questions you might have.  In the restaurant, Stacey has joined Anna to serve you a memorable meal in the Cedar Post Inn or at the lunch grill.  Behind the scenes, Blake can be found in the kitchen helping the chefs with anything from prep work to dishwashing.  While out on the dock Jessi has joined Natalie in greeting guests and helping to maintain the property.  You may also encounter junior dock attendant Layne who is busy learning the tricks of the trade.

  All in all, with a full and excellent staff behind us here at Blind Channel we are ready for another stupendous summer.  Take a look back on June here and don’t forget to join us again next month.





2018 Events


Father’s Day barbeque

July 1

Celebrate Canada's birthday with us.  Events include birthday cake, Canadian Wine tasting and fireworks display!

July and August

Live music and buffet dinner.  Put on your dancing shoes, and get ready for a good time!

September 2nd

Blind Wine tasting


Spent two nights in a cabin. Great, comfortable cabin. Loved the BBQ. Great tenderloin and halibut dinner, highly recomend treating yourself at the restaurant.

Rod, Sayward, BC

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Blind Channel Resort provides easy access to and from the area with five, ten, and twelve passenger boats including a ten passenger landing craft. Charters can be arranged to and from Campbell River, Browns Bay, Rock Bay, Kelsey Bay and beyond. Rock Bay is the closest road connection to Blind Channel, with supervised parking.

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