General Store

The Blind Channel Store is well-stocked in the summer months with everything from groceries and baked goods to gifts to beer and wine.


Keeping a fresh supply of greens on the boat is always a challenge. That’s why people always appreciate coming to Blind Channel and finding fresh fruits and vegetables. We also carry a good selection of frozen meats, ice cream, canned goods and snacks.


Jennifer Richter, an owner and resident of Blind Channel, has been well-known by boaters for her baking skills for decades.  You will not want to pass up her delicious home made bread, cinnamon buns, muffins, and cookies. Bread is available year-round, however, the other treats are only available during July and August. A portion of the bread is usually kept in the freezer so there’s always some available.


Interesting and unique gift items from local suppliers and artisans are stocked in the store as a special reminder of your trip, or for someone at home not lucky enough to be on board.  We also carry a good selection of shirts, jackets, and hats.

Agency Liquor Store

The Blind Channel Store is also an agency liquor store, which means you can stock up on wine, beer and spirits.

Post Office

Blind Channel is one of the few remaining coastal post office outlets. The mail plane comes twice a week so you can send your letters and cards from here.

We also carry a selection of books, cards, tackle, and ice.