Travel Planning

Getting Here

Blind Channel Resort is located on West Thurlow Island, part of the outer Discovery Islands, between Johnstone Strait and Cordero Channel. It’s a convenient stop for boaters traveling to the Broughton Archipelago or to northern destinations such as Rivers Inlet, Haida Gwaii, and Alaska. There is no road access, so boat and float plane are the best ways to get here. It’s about 30 nautical miles from Campbell River via Discovery Passage, or Desolation Sound via Cordero Channel.


If you’re cruising up from Desolation Sound or Campbell River, be sure to pay attention to the current tables.  Dent Rapids and Seymour Narrows are best navigated at or near slack water.  Discovery Passage and Johnstone Strait are quite exposed to northwesterly winds, so listen to the marine weather before you make the journey.  If there’s a northwesterly blowing, it’s far better to travel on the flood tide because the ebb runs against the direction of the wind, causing a higher and more “confused” sea.  However, Cordero Channel is a very sheltered passage, and can be transited almost any time.

If you plan on launching a boat, Rock Bay Campground on Vancouver Island is the closest ramp, at about 7.5 nm.  Next is Brown’s Bay at 20 nm, then Campbell River at 29 nm.

Water Taxi

The Blind Channel Water Taxi makes getting here a snap!  We have scheduled service from Discovery Harbour Marina in Campbell River three times per week during summer months.  You can also book a charter any time to suit your schedule.  If you fly to the Campbell River airport, there is a shuttle service which will take you to the marina.  If you’re driving, the most economical and flexible option would be to have us pick you up at Rock Bay Campground. From there it’s just a short hop to Blind Channel. See our Water Taxi page for more details.



If you don’t own your own boat but would like to get into the captain’s seat, why not charter a boat from Desolation Sound Yacht Charters in Comox. From there it’s only a day’s cruise to Blind Channel Resort.

Float Plane

There are a number of airlines that offer a scheduled service to Blind Channel during the summer.  Below is a listing of the major carriers that have a regular scheduled service:

Campbell River to Blind Channel (year round):

Corilair Charters (888) 287-8366
Vancouver Island Air  (250) 287-2433

Vancouver to Blind Channel:

Corilair Charters (888) 287-8366

Seattle to Blind Channel:

Kenmore Air (866) 435-9524
Northwest Seaplanes (800) 690-0086

Vancouver to Campbell River (year round):

Pacific Coastal (800) 663-2872
Central Mountain Air (888) 865-8585