Blind Channel Water Taxi

Campbell River, Broughtons, Everywhere in Between

Specializing in beach landings and remote charters, Blind Channel Water Taxi is the best choice for accessing the Outer Discovery Islands, the Broughton Islands, Johnstone Strait, Bute Inlet, Knight Inlet, Loughborough Inlet, East and West Thurlow Islands and all points in between.

Blind Channel Water Taxi operates sturdy, Transport Canada certified vessels with up to 12 passenger capacity, two of which are specially designed landing crafts.  The landing craft make it easy and safe to drop people and gear on almost any beach or shoreline.  No need for a dock!  This can save a lot of work if you’re hauling freight to a remote location.  ATV’s and UTV’s simply drive on and drive off.

Some of Blind Channel Water Taxi’s major destinations include:

  • Shoal Bay
  • Phillips Arm
  • Fredrick Arm
  • Hemming Bay
  • Knox Bay
  • Butterfly Bay
  • Stuart Island
  • Port Neville
  • Lagoon Cove
  • Pott’s Lagoon
  • Tribune Channel
  • Call Inlet
  • Okisollo Channel
  • Hardwicke Island
  • Greene Point
  • Beaver Inlet
  • Sidney Bay
  • Heydon Bay
  • Frazer Bay / Stafford River
  • Glendale Cove
  • Forward Harbour


  • Jackson Bay
  • Yorke Island
  • Orford, Southgate, and Hamathco River
  • Dent Island
  • Sonora Island

Conveniently located between Rock Bay and Kelsey Bay on Vancouver Island, Blind Channel Water Taxi provides an economical and flexible alternative to anyone working or playing in the area.  Pickup locations include Rock Bay, Kelsey Bay, Brown’s Bay, Campbell River, Quathiaski Cove, Heriot Bay, Granite Bay, and Lund.

Please call 1 888 329 0475 or email for further information.

Charter Rates to Blind Channel Resort

Whether renting a cabin, meeting friends at the marina, or just coming for lunch, Blind Channel Water Taxi makes it easy.  

One way charter from Rock Bay Campground: $140 + GST for up to 12 passengers per vessel

One way from Campbell River, Discovery Harbour Marina: $540 + GST for up to 12 passengers per vessel

Featured Tours & Packages

Experience the spectacular array of marine and terrestrial life from the comfort of our custom built, covered landing craft. Enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch on a secluded island, or catch a fresh seafood dinner right from your doorstep. Blind Channel tours offer all this and more. Click on the button below for more information.