Marine Wildlife Tour

Discover the west coast of British Columbia.


Regal bald eagles soaring overhead, a magnificent humpback whale spouting, playful porpoises dancing in the boat wake, and Steller sea lions singing their siren songs.

Hop on board with our experienced and knowledgeable guides as they take you through a sight-seeing adventure you’ll remember forever. Explore the waterways and wildlife in the Discovery Islands as you learn about the unique marine ecosystem and spot the various ocean, land, and sky creatures that call the west coast their home.

Stand in awe of the verdant coastal forests and breathtaking vistas. Spend your time leaning on the boat gunnels scanning the shores and the seas for a glimpse of something special. Watch for bears coming to the beaches to forage for their seafood buffet, or for orcas chasing down their next meal. With so many creatures and so much to see, the Marine Wildlife Tour is sure to appeal to everyone.

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