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VHF Channel 66A 50 24. 82N 125 30. 00W


Laundry & Shower Facilities 

Washers and driers take loonies.  Showers ($5.25 with no timer) can be paid for in the store. 


Wireless internet is available. It’s a shared satellite connection, so no web cams, internet phone calls, or huge downloads, please!  Be patient with it. 


Given our remote location we need to run a commercial incinerator to deal with waste. We’ll burn your trash for $1.65/lb limited to one bag. Keep it light! 


Stretch your legs and take your pup for a stroll on one of the forest trails. The main attraction is a massive 800+ year old cedar tree that will leave you spellbound.

Phone Service 

We have a cell phone booster in our gazebo that is compatible with Telus, Bell, Verizon, and Virgin Mobile phones. 

Off Season  

It’s a peaceful world here in the winter. We offer secure, affordable long-term moorage off- season. Someone is always here to keep an eye on things, and vandalism is not a concern.  We also welcome liveaboards during the quiet months, with twenty-four hour power and wifi internet access available.  The fuel dock is open year-round, basics are stocked in the store, and the post office gets mail delivery twice a week.  Give us a call.

2017 Events

June 18

Father’s Day barbeque

July 1

Celebrate Canada's 150th birthday with us.  Events include birthday cake, Canadian Wine tasting and fireworks display!

JULY 15, JULY 29, AUG 5, AUG 19 

Live music and buffet dinner.  Put on your dancing shoes, and get ready for a good time!

September 2nd

Blind Wine tasting


Spent two nights in a cabin. Great, comfortable cabin. Loved the BBQ. Great tenderloin and halibut dinner, highly recomend treating yourself at the restaurant.

Rod, Sayward, BC

Blind Channel Water Taxi

Serving Campbell River, Browns Bay, Rock Bay, Kelsey Bay and beyond

Blind Channel Resort provides easy access to and from the area with five, ten, and twelve passenger boats including a ten passenger landing craft. Charters can be arranged to and from Campbell River, Browns Bay, Rock Bay, Kelsey Bay and beyond. Rock Bay is the closest road connection to Blind Channel, with supervised parking.

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