BCWEB@     Blind Channel Resort is a unique and convenient destination for coastal mariners.  We’re located three nautical miles off  Johnstone Strait and just one nautical mile from Cordero Channel, so any mariners traveling up or down the coast have to pass right by.  Whether you are just passing through or hanging around for a while, we have all your needs covered.



The marina at Blind Channel offers 2400 feet of sturdy dock space. This includes seven widely-spaced 80 foot fingers, an aircraft dock, and a fuel dock. Clear, clean UV-treated spring water is included and 15, 30 and 50 Amp power is available 24 hours a day.  Our helpful and professional dock attendants are standing by on Channel 66a. We recommend advance reservations during July and August, but ofcourse we will always do our best to find a spot for anyone who shows up.

July1st – September 3rd – $1.45/foot

Fuel Dock
Blind Channel also has a marine fuel dock.  We carry marine marked diesel, mid-grade gas and oils.  We also fill propane.

Pure Spring Water

Pure, clean spring water is available all along the docks as well as on the fuel dock.  Spring water is the purest in the world.  No chemicals are added, but the water is UV treated to meet Health Canada’s requirements.


Blind Channel Store and Post Office
Just up the dock you will find a well-stocked general store, gift shop, post office, and liquor store all rolled into one.  Fresh produce is shipped in twice a week from Campbell River during summer months.

Laundry & Shower Facilities
Washers and driers take loonies and showers can be paid for in the store.

Wireless internet is available. It’s a shared satellite connection, so no web cams, internet phone calls, or huge downloads, please!

Given our remote location we need to run a commercial incinerator to deal with waste. We’ll burn your trash for $1.35/lb. Keep it light!



Treat yourself to dinner at the Cedar Post, or enjoy a barbecued lunch on our seaside patio.
2013 Menu.


Stretch your legs and take Rover for a stroll on one of the forest trails. The main attraction is a massive 800+ year old cedar tree that will leave you spellbound.

Events and Live Music

Please see our 2014 Calendar of Events.

Pay Phone
Credit card activated.  Lift the receiver and follow the prompts.  The phone is located at the bottom of the ramp.



It’s a peaceful world here in the winter. We offer secure, affordable long-term moorage off- season. Someone is always here to keep an eye on things, and vandalism is not a concern.  We also welcome liveaboards during the quiet months, with twenty-four hour power and wifi internet access available.  The fuel dock is open year-round, basics are stocked in the store, and the post office gets mail delivery twice a week.  Give us a call.