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DeutschVHF Channel 66A 50 24. 82N 125 30. 00W

Blind Channel Resort is a unique and convenient destination for coastal mariners. We're located three nautical miles off Johnstone Strait and just one nautical mile from Cordero Channel, so any mariners traveling up or down the coast have to pass right by. more

Awaken your senses at the Cedar Post Restaurant and Gallery. Our 62 seat restaurant overlooking the marina is truly a hidden gem in the wilderness. The late Annemarie Richter was the driving force behind the Cedar Post, creating all of the magnificent artwork. more

Located in pristine coastal rainforest Blind Channel Resort offers an intimate experience with nature. There are beaches to be combed, forests to explore, wildlife to spot, and seafood to be caught. We also host a number of events throughout the summer. more


Blind Channel Water Taxi

Serving Campbell River, Browns Bay, Rock Bay, Kelsey Bay and beyond

Blind Channel Resort provides easy access to and from the area with five, ten, and twelve passenger boats including a ten passenger landing craft. Charters can be arranged to and from Campbell River, Browns Bay, Rock Bay, Kelsey Bay and beyond. Rock Bay is the closest road connection to Blind Channel, with supervised parking.

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