Just like that August is over and September is here.  August at Blind Channel is fun, it’s busy, and it goes by oh so fast!  

The marina remained busier than ever and the fuel dock was a popular stop.  Dock attendants Natalie and Hanna were quick on their feet and kept dock operations running smoothly.

Onshore the restaurant stayed busy throughout the month, Chef Drew exercised his creativity with scrumptious new dishes while continuing to perfect the traditional German menu.  August featured two of Blind Channel’s signature buffet dinners with a mouthwatering spread. The event on August 4th welcomed, for the first time to Blind Channel, Luke Blu Guthrie who’s upbeat and lively performance has us all looking forward to his return.  The final buffet event of the season on August 25th saw the return of a Blind Channel favorite, the ever popular Longhand Trio.

On the water Blind Channel’s tours have been busy watching orcas, humpbacks, dolphins, bears and so much more.  Between tours and the regular water taxi service, the boats are on the move constantly and we are excited to welcome our newest skipper Eric.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in August for a fun-filled summer, be sure to stick around for September, boasting some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities of the year.  

Spent two nights in a cabin. Great, comfortable cabin. Loved the BBQ. Great tenderloin and halibut dinner, highly recomend treating yourself at the restaurant.

Rod, Sayward, BC