For the second of our summer buffets, Blind Channel was proud to welcome bluegrass duo, Wildwood Fire who mix original tunes with popular favourites and classic bluegrass songs. Once more, the weather proved to be questionable that day, but the staff did their best to mitigate the chance of rain by setting up half the tables inside, and the other half on the patio. For the majority of the Mexican inspired buffet, put on by Chef Alex Barton and his kitchen, the clouds held. However, as the final guests were tucking into their desserts, the rain started to fall. Quickly, the band and staff raced to move all the equipment inside The Cedar Post Inn, where the band continued to play in a more intimate setting. 

Inside the cozy restaurant, the band took request after request, including songs like Man of Constant Sorrow. Despite having only one banjo, there was a request for duelling banjos, something that the band didn’t think they could accommodate until one of our guests graciously put himself in the spotlight by picking up a guitar and playing the second part. Smiles, laughter, and clapping to the beat ensued, as everyone who stayed until the end of the night had a wonderful time.