If you’re lucky enough to be travelling to Blind Channel, the adventure starts as soon as you set out.  There are several ways to arrive.
         You can board our water taxi from Campbell River to get up close and personal with the rapids of Seymour Narrows. While you take in the sights, cruise through Discovery Passage and Johnstone Strait for a chance to spot whales, dolphins, eagles and more. With room for up to twelve on our vessels, the entire family can come experience the wild coast. 
Enroute to Blind Channel from Campbell River Biggs orca T49A stops investigate the boat.
Near Blind Channel Pacific White-Sides dolphins play alongside the boat.
Watching the dolphins as we approach Blind Channel.
The early morning commute to Campbell River.
Having a little fun is all part of the water taxi trip.


       A helicopter trip is another thrilling and spectacular way to arrive, offering the flexibility to have breakfast on a mountaintop before stopping by Blind Channel for lunch on the patio. No matter where you go, throughout your journey you’ll have a unique view of the surrounding area including glaciers, ocean rapids, and majestic coastal forests. British Columbia boasts many high calibre helicopter companies. Local companies include Grizzly Helicopters, 49 North Helicopters and West Coast Helicopters. Alternatively, with a spacious field on property, Blind Channel is happy to welcome guests arriving in private helicopters.
The field at Blind Channel makes for a great landing pad
Approaching by helicopter is an experience unlike any other 
         Float planes are a staple of the coast and a lifeline for people living out here, facilitating easy travel and delivering mail. Soar through the skies as you follow the waterways in and watch for wildlife and marine traffic below. Throughout the year, Corilair runs a scheduled flight on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from Campbell River. During July and August they make the trip every day. Additional services from Kenmore Air and Northwest Seaplanes are available for those traveling from Seattle.
The views from the seaplane are unparalleled.
Blind Channel Resort dog Strudel greets the CorilAir seaplane upon arrival.

       Blind Channel has been a popular destination for boaters for over 50 years. For those arriving in their own vessels or chartered vessels, the Discovery Islands and Broughton Archipelago offer never-ending adventure.  Make Blind Channel your home base while you explore the spectacular coastline of British Columbia.  For those without a boat of their own, yachts of various sizes can be chartered from Desolation Sound Yacht Charters. You can also  join companies such as Misty Isles Adventures or Beyond the Road Adventures for an all-inclusive boating trip. 

SV Misty Isles approaches Blind Channel on a windy day.  
A busy night at the marina at Blind Channel
A sailing vessel approaches Seymour Narrows.
No matter how you choose to get here, it will be an adventure you won’t soon forget.